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Millions of people get hurt in auto accidents every year. Though the severity of these injuries varies, Adam Bohnenblust, DC, BCN, and the team of board-certified providers at Texas Functional Health Centers, Texas, recommend anyone involved in an auto accident, or pedestrian accident, to get evaluated by a health professional. Even if you think your injury is minor, getting treatment right away may prevent problems later on. Call Texas Functional Health Centers or schedule your auto accident medical evaluation online today.

Auto Accident Q & A

What are the common types of auto accident injuries?

Auto accident injuries vary as much as the car crashes themselves. These types of injuries depend on many factors, including speed, the area of the car hit, and your body position at the time of impact, and may affect any part of the body.


Some of the more common types of auto injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Muscle strains
  • Herniated disc
  • Shoulder or knee pain
  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Fractures
  • Head injuries

You may also have these types of injuries if you were involved in a pedestrian accident (car vs. person). However, injuries can be more severe for pedestrians. 


When should I seek medical care for an auto accident?

You should seek medical care for an auto accident right away. Though you may not question whether you need medical care after a high-impact car crash, you may not realize you have an injury following a low-impact accident like a fender-bender until hours after the accident.

Auto accidents trigger your body’s fight-or-flight reaction, and the release of adrenaline may mask the pain from an injury. Once the adrenaline wears off, you may feel achy and stiff. This type of delayed pain is common in a whiplash injury. 


What happens during an auto accident evaluation?

The team at Texas Functional Health Centers conducts a thorough examination when you come in for an auto accident evaluation. They aim to find any and all injuries so they can create a comprehensive plan that leads to complete healing.

The team asks detailed questions about the accident, including the crash's impact and where you were sitting in the car in relation to the impact area. They review your medical history and perform a physical exam.

The team may also order imaging tests, such as X-rays or MRIs, to confirm or rule out an injury.


What are some of the treatments for an auto accident injury?

The team at Texas Functional Health Centers customizes your auto accident rehabilitation plan based on the type and severity of your injury or injuries.

Treatment may include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Exercise and stretching program
  • Physical therapy
  • Fascial therapy
  • Low-level light therapy (LLLT)

The team schedules regular follow-up visits to provide the ongoing care your body needs to heal.