Rehabilitation Services Offered in Dallas TX?

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At Texas Functional Health Centers in Dallas TX, Adam Bohnenblust, D.C., B.C.N., and the team of board-certified providers want nothing more than to give you back your health and your life. They create personalized rehabilitation programs in Dallas TX that focus on finding and correcting the true source of your health issue, eliminating symptoms and restoring vitality. To learn more about rehabilitation at Texas Functional Health Centers, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Rehabilitation in Dallas TX Q & A

Rehabilitation refers to any therapy that focuses on helping you get back or improve the skills you need to manage your daily life.

Texas Functional Health Centers is a chiropractic and rehabilitative care center that takes a holistic and conservative approach to care. They view symptoms like neck pain, chronic fatigue, and excess weight as a symptom or signal from the body pointing toward an underlying health issue.

The highly skilled team uses their advanced training and experience to find and treat the source of that signal to restore health and vitality.

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